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Quality Assurance

At Progvins, quality assurance does not begin with checking the plated component. Our quality assurance starts right from manual inspection of the components, to stringent chemical analysis of raw materials, to constant monitoring of equipment and instruments, to in process analysis, to routine laboratory analysis, to storage, packaging and even transport.

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At Progvins we are aware that establishing process sequences and parameters isn’t enough. Equally important is the stringent implementation of these process sequences and parameters, in order to avoid compounding losses in quality and cost efficiency of the process. Hence the focus while carrying out plating jobs is not just on the process chemicals, but also on the adherence to the process parameters and the continuous education of the operators.

“Prevention is better than cure”, it’s evident in the plating industry. Accurate pre treatment of the substrate, gives the desired finish quality and functional features. In addition,an appropriate post-treatment helps the object to retain its finish quality and functional properties. Progvins uses its years of research and vast know-how to choose the most appropriate pre and post-treatments, for its job work. This helps us achieve an uniform finish quality and increase the plating’s functional properties.

Progvins as a company policy provides accurate coating thickness in the prescribed tolerances. We at Progvins regularly carry out random sample thickness testing. We continuously monitor bath efficiency to provide desired coating thickness.The thickness testing and bath efficiency calculation are carried out by laboratory division, where the chemists continually evaluate and modify bath chemistry to deliver on our Promise.

Progvins realizes that hardness or ductility is among the most important functional properties of the coatings. Over the years Progvins has mastered its custom additives to provide desired hardness or ductility to the coated layer on a plethora of substrates.This is followed by regular inspections to reduce component failures or rejections.

We at Progvins have over the years refined our processes to not just meet but exceed industry standards. Adhesion is among the primary requirements in plating. We carry out adhesion tests online on our job floor to guarantee desired adhesion.We regularly partake and generate reports of our non destructive as well as destructive adhesion tests.

Progvins has in house CASS and neutral salt spray testing facilities.  We change or modify our chemistry and process parameter to match and surpass the desired level of resistance. We periodically carry out CASS or neutral salt spray tests to validate our assurances and component tolerances.

Progvins invests heavily in the proper education, training, development, nurture and evaluation of its employees. We believe these are the pillars on which the business is built. For it helps us achieve a mutually fulfilling and meaningful relationship, with not just our team but also with our clients.

Progvins has a Laboratory division as well as dedicated full time chemists. Progvins was formed by technocrats on the principles of continuous research, development and improvement.This creates a functional feedback loop, which continually aids the job floor and the various process departments. This helps us achieve the best quality and refine our processes continually and online.