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Electro Plating

We carry out highly specialized job work of electroplating and of metal finishing. We also develop tailor made process sequences depending on the type of components, quantity to be plated, quality of the components etc.

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The major precious metals that are deposited by electroplating in our plant include silver, gold of 14 to 24 karats and palladium.

Our white and bright silver electroplating is very popular not only for industrial applications (e.g. switch gears) but also for decorative applications (e.g. jewellery). Our silver coatings are protected by state of the art anti-tarnish technology. We also execute job work of electroplating of gold and/or palladium, mainly for industrial applications.

Progvins have carried out flash as well as hard chrome plating on numerous types of jobs for the past 25 years and counting. We take care of not only the quality of the chromic acid but also the type of catalyst we select. The main reason why Progvins flash and hard chrome plating are well known, is due to our deep knowledge of jig design and its implementation.

We carry-out flash chrome plating both on metallic and plastic components. Our infrastructure can be modified to accommodate larger components for hard chrome plating provided it is commercially viable.

Progvins Industries has rich in-house experience in plating on plastics, particularly to meet the stringent standards of the automotive industry. In addition to our vast experience in jig design our expertise lies in the entire range of processes involved in plating on plastics, including activation, Electroless nickel plating, bright copper plating, triplex nickel plating and bright chrome plating.

Progvins Industries has vast experience in Duplex and Triplex Nickel plating on a mass scale, which meet the specifications of the automotive industry. A typical example is triplex nickel plating on steel rims for two wheelers which a daily turnover of 10000 rims.

Sulphamate Nickel plating is used for both corrosion protection and functional properties.

The plated nickel layer from our sulphamate baths is highly ductile and solderable properties that are highly desirable in the electronic and/or semiconductor industry. We at Progvins are specialized in carrying out sulphamate nickel plating on semi conductor components, whose sizes range form tiny (2mm to 5mm Diameter flat components) to large (example 600mm in length) components.