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Drawing on its vast industrial experience and continual research, Progvins specializes in plating on difficult- to- plate substrates. We specialize in large scale plating on difficult- to- plate substrates, for example Titanium.

Progvins’ in-house developments help us in formulating not just our own chemical compounds, but also establish the most appropriate plating process sequences to match client needs. Before undertaking any job we evaluate and optimize in our pilot plant , all process sequences and parameters, in order to fine-tune the overall processes and method.

Progvins designs its plants for each customer with economies of scale in mind. This means we have dormant capacity in our plant infrastructure, which helps us quickly scale in proportion to the demand.

Progvins has its own laboratory with dedicated and full time chemists, who carry out all the tests on raw materials, formulations, compounds, additives, chemicals and most importantly plated components with an array of sophisticated, regularly calibrated instruments. This helps us generate accurate certification of quality and tolerance adherence.