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Progvins caters to semiconductors and passive electronic components segments. We provide silver plating, economical substitutes to precious metal plating, non corroding/oxidizing plating, solderable plating and selective or partial plating.

Progvins has been serving the Electronics industry right from its inception, with reputed trusted customers in its portfolio. The massive infrastructure development in the telecom industry opens up new challenges for coating specialists. Our processes at Progvins have enabled significant import substitution of components for the telecommunication industry.

Progvins is proud to be associated with the Indian Aerospace industry with its own small contributions. Thanks are due to the long-standing experience in the surface coating of light materials such as aluminum, magnesium and their alloys.

Progvins enjoys an excellent reputation in the electrical industry, especially in switchgear and switch board components, for its electroplating knowledge and experience. When new technologies are introduced in India, with critical components requiring special coatings or properties, Progvins generally has a solution to offer. Do contact us to know more about this.

Progvins has been associated with the automotive industry since long. We were among the pioneers to do duplex and triplex nickel plating on rims for two wheelers. Two other areas deserving to be mentioned are the plating of aluminum die cast alloy wheels and plating on plastic components to strict specifications.

At Progvins, we develop electrolytic, electroless and brush plating processes of precious metal plating for a variety of products ranging from premium jewellery to cutlery, utensils, temple kalashas and beyond. We use the latest post-treatment processes for anti-tarnishing, lacquering etc