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About Us


PROGVINS INDUSTRIES was established as a partnership firm by highly qualified and experienced technocrats in Navi Mumbai in 1980. The firm carries out highly specialized job work of electroplating and of metal finishing at its plant in Navi Mumbai. In addition, it develops for customers tailor made process sequences depending on the type of components, quantity to be plated, quality of the components etc.


Since the beginning, Progvins Industries has been carrying out specialized processes of electroplating and electroless plating. The types of plating carried out includes copper, nickel, silver, gold, bronze, white bronze, yellow bronze, tin and palladium platings. The types of electroless platings carried out are high, medium and low phosphorous electroless nickel and electroless gold.

Over the years, Progvins Industries has been serving vast range of customers drawn from various industries such as, aerospace, electrical, electronics, pharmaceutical machinery, semi conductors, automotive, jewellery, hardware, tele-communications etc.

Progvins Industries is a member of the Metal Finishers Association of India since many years.

Specialized Areas

Research and Development

For a technology-oriented company, continuous research and development is the lifeline for its survival and growth. At Progvins, which was started by technically qualified and experienced entrepreneurs, we have the advantage that the top management understands the crucial role of R & D in the progress of the company.

Research and development at Progvins has a strong foundation in the knowledge and experience of its founders and technical staff. This is backed by a well-equipped laboratory for wet analysis and for instrumentation. The preliminary results of research are quickly put to test on the pilot-plant scale, which is also based in-house. The thrust areas of research and development include new chemicals for use in brighteners and additives, plating on various types of substrates, use of pulse rectifiers, ionic liquids, refinement of process sequences as well as jig design.

At Progvins, we keep ourselves updated on new developments in the field with a strong literature research and close contacts to like-minded firms and research institutes in India and abroad, mainly Europe.